Database, Schema, & Share DDL

Databases and schemas are used to organize data stored in Snowflake:

  • A database is a logical grouping of schemas. Each database belongs to a single Snowflake account.

  • A schema is a logical grouping of database objects (tables, views, etc.). Each schema belongs to a single database.

Together, a database and schema comprise a namespace in Snowflake. When performing any operations on database objects in Snowflake, the namespace is inferred from the current database and schema in use for the session. If a database and schema are not in use for the session, the namespace must be explicitly specified when performing any operations on the objects.

Snowflake provides a full set of DDL commands for creating and managing databases and schemas.

In addition, Snowflake provides DDL for creating and managing shares. A share specifies a set of database objects (schemas, tables, and secure views) containing data you wish to share with other Snowflake accounts.

Database Management

Schema Management

Share Management