Snowpark Developer Guide for Java

The Snowpark library provides an intuitive API for querying and processing data in a data pipeline. Using the Snowpark library, you can build applications that process data in Snowflake without moving data to the system where your application code runs.

For an introduction to Snowpark, see Snowpark API.

Get Started

Setting Up Your Development Environment for Snowpark Java

Set up to build Snowpark apps using any of several development environments.

Developer Guides

Creating a Session for Snowpark Java

Establish a session with which you interact with the Snowflake database.

Working with DataFrames in Snowpark Java

Query and process data with a DataFrame object.

Creating User-Defined Functions (UDFs) for DataFrames in Java

Create user-defined functions (UDFs) using the Snowpark API.

Creating stored procedures for DataFrames in Java

Create stored procedures using the Snowpark API.

Calling functions and stored procedures in Snowpark Java

Use the Snowpark API to call system-defined functions, UDFs, and stored procedures.

A Simple Example of Using Snowpark Java

See example code for an application that prints information about tables in Snowflake.

Logging and Tracing Overview

Record log messages and trace events in an event table for analysis later.

Analyzing queries and troubleshooting with Snowpark Java

Troubleshoot your code with logging and by viewing underlying SQL.


Quick reference: Snowpark Java APIs for SQL commands

Learn how SQL statements map to Snowpark APIs for common operations.

Snowpark Library for Java API Reference

Read details about the classes and methods in the Snowpark API.