Specify the resources required by an app

This topic describes how to use the marketplace.yml file to declare the resource requirements for an Snowflake Native App.

The marketplace.yml is a configuration file similar to the manifest.yml file of an app. Snowflake uses this file in the following contexts:

  • The objects specified in required_compute_pools and connections properties appear in the listing in Snowsight. This give the consumer to see the resources the app may require.

  • This file can help avoid creating or using unnecessary resources, for example replicating an application package to a regions where it cannot be installed by a consumer. Before consumer requests the listing in a remote region, Snowflake ensures that the consumer meets the resource requirements declared in the marketplace.yml file. This helps prevent unnecessary replication costs.

  • Before installing and upgrading the application, Snowsight ensures the requirements are satisfied, to prevent installing a broken/unusable application or upgrading a working application into a unusable state.

This optional file must be at the root directory of an app at the same level as the manifest.yml file. If this file is not present, no action is taken.

Specify the compute pools required by an app

The following example shows how to specify the compute pool resources required for a specific version of an app:

      label: "High memory pool"
      description: "A compute pool for computational tasks."
        - HIGHMEM_X64_M
        - HIGHMEM_X64_L

In this example, the required_compute_pools a compute pool named HIGH_MEM_POOL_1.

The compatible_instance_families property specifies the type of machine to provision for the compute pool. You must specify at least one value declared for each compute pool. See CREATE COMPUTE POOL for more information.


If the compatible_instance_families property is missing or the values are invalid, version creation fails.

Specify the external endpoints required by an app

The following example shows how to declare the external endpoints required by an app:

     label: "Launch Darkly"
     description: "Feature flag and configuration"
     required: true
       - "mobile.launchdarkly.com"
       - "stream.launchdarkly.com"
  - OPEN_AI:
     label: "OpenAPI"
     description: "LLM Connection"
     required: false
       - "openai.com"

In this example, the connection property specifies two external endpoints, LAUNCH_DARKLY and OPEN_AI. The required property indicates to the consumer in Snowsight that the connection is required.

If you specify the connection in this file, the endpoints, and required properties are required. If these properties are not present, version creation fails. The endpoints property requires at least one URL.