Snowpark Container Services: New default values and validation of resource requirements for a service (Postponed)


This behavior change was going to be introduced with the 2024_05 bundle. However, it has been postponed and is now planned to be in the 2024_06 bundle. This change is not available for testing.

You provide resource requirements for a service in the service specification.

The way in which Snowflake handles services with unspecified resource requirements is changing. In addition, the way in which Snowflake validates specified resource requirements is changing:

Before the change:
  • If you do not provide any resource requirements, Snowflake assumes your service will consume negligible resources.

  • When you provide resource requirements, Snowflake validates the values against the entire node capacity. Resources consumed by Snowpark Container Services system components are not considered.

After the change:
  • If resource requests is not provided the following defaults are applied:

        cpu: 0.5
        memory: 0.5GiB

    If provided resource.limits is less than the default, the limits value is used as the default for requests.

  • When you provide resource requirements, Snowpark Container Services validates these requirements to ensure that the values that you specify for requests and limits do not exceed the node capacity available to you.

Ref: 1648