2023_07 Bundle (Generally Enabled)

Bundle History

  1. Introduced in the 7.34 release (September 27-28) with status Disabled by Default; account admins can enable for testing.

  2. Status changed in 7.41 release (November 11-14, 2023) to Enabled by Default; account admins can disable for opt-out.

  3. Status changed in the 8.2 release (January 15-17, 2024) to Generally Enabled; account admins can no longer enable or disable this bundle.

List of Changes


This change list has been compiled using reasonable efforts. We are not always able to determine the full customer impact of a behavior change beforehand. The change list may not include all changes in a release, for example, last minute or emergency changes. In addition, behavior changes that are determined to have minimal to no user impact may not be pre-announced.

If you have any questions about the changes in this bundle, please contact Snowflake Support.

SQL Changes — General

Additional Notes

Table Aliases: Changes to Name Resolution for Quoted Column Identifiers

SQL Changes — Commands & Functions

Additional Notes

DESC SHARE command: Specify “DATABASE ROLE” in the KIND column

Network policy commands: Cannot drop active network policies

SHOW EVENT TABLES command: Add owner_role_type column

SHOW REGIONS command: Changes to region names in output

SQL Changes — Usage Views & Information Schema Views / Table Functions

Additional Notes

ALTER TABLE and ALTER VIEW commands: Enable drop operation when a row access policy is not set


PASSWORD_POLICIES view: New columns

Data Loading / Unloading Changes

Additional Notes

Cloning: Table history not preserved on clone (Postponed)

This behavior change was originally in the 2023_07 bundle and intended to become enabled by default in the 2023_08 bundle. However, it has been postponed and a new release date has not been determined. This change is not available for testing.

Data Governance

Additional Notes

Grant on Native Applications: Must grant access to tags and policies

Snowflake CLI, Connectors, Drivers, and SQL API

Additional Notes

PUT command: Drivers affected by upcoming Google authentication method changes

Web Interface

Additional Notes

Snowsight worksheets and dashboards: Changes to formatting of query results

Snowsight worksheets: Changes to working with versions