2024_03 Bundle (Disabled by Default)

Bundle History


The current status of this bundle is dependent on the completion of the 8.12 release (March 25-26, subject to change). Behavior changes described in this page might not become available in your account(s) until the completion of the release.

To determine the current version for your account, see CURRENT_VERSION.

To determine the current status of bundles in your account, see SYSTEM$SHOW_ACTIVE_BEHAVIOR_CHANGE_BUNDLES.

  1. Introduced in the 8.12 release (March 26-27) as Disabled by Default; account admins can enable for testing.

  2. Status planned to change in April 2024 to Enabled by Default; however, this schedule is subject to change.

  3. Status planned to change in May 2024 to Generally Enabled; however, this schedule is subject to change.

List of Changes


This change list has been compiled using reasonable efforts. We are not always able to determine the full customer impact of a behavior change beforehand. The change list may not include all changes in a release, for example, last minute or emergency changes. In addition, behavior changes that are determined to have minimal to no user impact may not be pre-announced.

If you have any questions about the changes in this bundle, please contact Snowflake Support.

For differences between the in-advance and final versions of these notes, see Behavior Change Bundle change log.

Security Changes

Additional Notes

Network policies: Apply network policy to presigned URL (Pending)

Snowflake Native Apps Framework: Changes to the MANAGE EVENT SHARING privilege (Pending)

SQL Changes — Commands & Functions

Additional Notes

New SQL functions: GREATEST_IGNORE_NULLS and LEAST_IGNORE_NULLS may conflict with similarly named UDFs (Pending)

SHOW OBJECTS command: New column and changes to output (Pending)

SHOW TABLES command: New column is_dynamic (Pending)

SQL Changes — Usage Views & Information Schema Views / Table Functions

Additional Notes

Account Usage and Information Schema functions views: New column(s) in output (Pending)

Account Usage views: Add support for versioned schemas in Snowflake Native App (Pending)

FUNCTIONS view (Information Schema): Add support for data metric function (Pending)

Virtual Warehouse

Additional Notes


Data Pipelines

Additional Notes

Iceberg tables: New write location for empty string BASE_LOCATION (Pending)

Data Governance

Additional Notes

CURRENT_DATABASE and CURRENT_SCHEMA functions: Ensure deterministic outputs with policies, views, and UDFs (Pending)


Additional Notes

Replication: Skip event tables and hybrid tables during refresh operation (Pending)

Extensibility & Developer

Additional Notes

Account Usage QUERY_HISTORY View: Change to QUERY_TAG (Pending)

Python UDFs: Changes to return value types for semi-structured data (Pending)

SHOW ENDPOINTS command: Output column name change (Pending)

Web Interface

Additional Notes

Retirement window for free listings published on the Snowflake Marketplace (Pending)

Snowsight: Default all users in all accounts to Snowsight (Pending)

Behavior Change Bundle change log




2024_03 BCR Bundle notes

Pending release (preview)