Unbundled Behavior Changes

Unbundled bevahior changes are not associated or released with a behavior change bundle.

To help you manage your operations and minimize disruption to your Snowflake service, we document behavior changes that may impact your usage, including:

If you have questions about any of these behavior changes, please feel free to contact Snowflake Support.

Upcoming Pending Changes

The following table lists unbundled behavior changes that are pending. Pending unbundled behavior changes have not been released yet.


All information in this table, including planned versions and dates, is subject to change; the information is provided only as a guideline for any updates you need to make to accommodate the changes.

If a link is not provided to the individual pending behavior change, the release in which the bundle was introduced has not started or is is still in progress.

Planned Release

Functional Area

Pending Behavior Change

Additional Notes

Snowflake CLI, Connectors, Drivers, and SQL API Changes

SnowSQL- Change to the value of the sql_split property (Pending)

Implementation complete for Azure East US 2 and Canada Central regions.

Remaining regions scheduled to be implemented in 2022.

Infrastructure Changes

Microsoft Azure subnet expansion (Pending for selected accounts)

This change only impacts accounts hosted on Azure that are using the functionality documented in the provided article:

  • If you have not been contacted by Snowflake Support, your accounts are not impacted.

  • If you have been contacted, to prevent any disruption to your service, the required tasks should be completed before the scheduled implementation date.

This change is not available for testing.

Data Loading / Unloading Changes.

Data loading, data unloading, and file staging DML commands: Single-character pattern matches (Postponed)

This change was originally planned for February, 2021; however, it has been postponed and a new release date has not been determined.

This change is not available for testing.

Recently Implemented Changes

This table lists behavior changes that were implemented independently of a behavior change bundle. These changes include certain types of changes to Snowflake clients (connectors, drivers, etc.), platforms, and libraries. Such changes cannot be disabled.

Release Date

Functional Area

Implemented Behavior Change

Additional Notes

Sep 28, 2023.

Data Loading and Unloading

Stronger UTF-8 validation for external files

Sep 19, 2023.

SQL Changes — Commands & Functions

SHOW APPLICATIONS command: Changes to the LABEL column output

This change is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

Aug 23, 2023

SQL Changes — Security

CREATE USER command: NETWORK_POLICY parameter must specify a valid network policy

Sep 27, 2022

Snowflake CLI, Connectors, Drivers, and SQL API Changes

Snowflake Connector for Python: Empty results of fetch_arrow and fetch_pandas are typed

Aug 24, 2022

Snowflake CLI, Connectors, Drivers, and SQL API Changes

Snowflake .NET driver update - August 2022

Snowflake .NET driver 2.0.16: Replaces .NET Standard 2.0 with .NET 6.0

Nov, 2021

Ecosystem Changes

Snowflake SQL API: Changes to the process of submitting SQL statements

Jul, 2021

Ecosystem Changes

Snowflake Connector for Python 2.5.0: Changes to the write_pandas() function

Jun, 2021

Platform Changes

Microsoft Azure subnet expansion

This change was implemented, but deactivated for impacted accounts to allow the accounts to make updates as needed.

Mar, 2021

SQL Changes —– General

Search Optimization Service: Changes to billing reporting

Feb, 2021

SQL Changes —– General

Stored procedures and UDFs: Upgrade to the JavaScript engine

This change was implemented as part of the 5.3.1 scheduled patch on February 4, 2021.