2023_08 Bundle (Disabled by Default)

Bundle History

  1. Introduced in the 7.41 release (November 11-14, 2023) with status Disabled by Default; account admins can enable for testing.

  2. Status planned to change in January 2024 to Enabled by Default; however, this schedule is subject to change.

  3. Status planned to change in February 2024 to Generally Enabled; however, this schedule is subject to change.

List of Changes


This change list will be compiled using reasonable efforts. We are not always able to determine the full customer impact of a behavior change beforehand. The change list may not include all changes in a release, for example, last minute or emergency changes. In addition, behavior changes that are determined to have minimal to no user impact may not be pre-announced.

If you have any questions about the changes in this bundle, please contact Snowflake Support.

SQL Changes — General

Additional Notes


DIV0 and DIV0NULL: Change to results exceeding the output scale (Pending)

Native Apps: Queries that use a reference removed from an app’s manifest file fail (Pending)

SHOW commands for objects owned by an application: New column owner_role_type (Pending)

SHOW ORGANIZATION ACCOUNTS command / ACCOUNTS view (Organization Usage): New Column (Pending)

SQL Changes — Commands & Functions

Additional Notes

ALTER TABLE: Incompatible Default Values No Longer Allowed in New Columns (Pending)

Bind variables: No longer ignored as parameters for some built-in table functions (Pending)

CURRENT_DATABASE and CURRENT_SCHEMA functions: Ensure deterministic outputs with policies, views, and UDFs (Pending)

DESCRIBE TABLE: New column (Pending)

FUNCTIONS view (Account Usage): New columns (Pending)

New function: MAP_KEYS may conflict with similarly named UDFs (Pending)

Replication: Add support for secret object (Pending)

SHOW GRANTS command: Updates for managed access schema (Pending)

SHOW RELEASE DIRECTIVES command: new columns (Pending)

SHOW TABLES command: New is_hybrid column (Pending)

SHOW TASKS and DESCRIBE TASK commands: New columns (Pending)

SYSTEM$REFERENCE function: Creating a Reference with Mismatched Object Types Fails (Pending)

SQL Changes — Usage Views & Information Schema Views / Table Functions

Additional Notes

DESC TABLE command, SHOW COLUMNS command, and COLUMNS views: Add new SchemaEvolutionRecord column (Pending)

FUNCTIONS and PROCEDURES views (INFORMATION_SCHEMA): Corrections to columns When name contains special characters (Pending)

QUERY_HISTORY view and table functions: New MULTI_STATEMENT value in the query_type column for multi-statement queries (Pending)

SHOW TABLES command / TABLES view: New is_iceberg column (Pending)

SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST function: Fail query when socket connection hangs (Pending)

Data Loading / Unloading Changes

Additional Notes

Snowpipe: Multiple auto-ingest notification integrations with the same URL not allowed for Azure and GCP (Pending)

Data Pipelines

Additional Notes

Dynamic tables: Added support for MONITOR privileges (Pending)

Dynamic tables: OPERATE privilege on upstream dynamic tables required for initial refresh (Pending)

Tasks: Automatically suspend failed task runs (Pending)

Tasks: New BACKFILL_INFO column in views (Pending)

Data Governance

Additional Notes

SHOW FUNCTIONS commands: New is_data_metric column (Pending)

TABLE_STORAGE_METRICS view (Account Usage): New column (Pending)

Developer / Extensibility Changes

Additional Notes

Logging and tracing: Logging of unhandled exceptions in handler code on by default (Pending)

Snowflake Native App Framework: Block creating event tables and temporary stages within an application package (Pending)

Snowflake CLI, Connectors, Drivers, and SQL API

Additional Notes

Snowflake Native App Framework: Enforce REFERENCE usage on databases containing tags and policies (Pending)

Web Interface

Additional Notes

Snowsight: Default interface for all users in Standard Edition accounts (Pending)