sfsql Tips and Hints — Obsoleted

This topic provides tips, hints, and other useful information for using sfsql.

Setting Session Defaults

If you did not set a default role, database, schema, or warehouse for your session either in the login.defaults file or on the command line when starting sfsql, you should set these values to make executing SQL queries and performing DDL or DML operations easier. For more information, see:

Note that these defaults can also be set at the user level by individual users or an account administrator.

Specifying Directory Paths and Files

When performing any file operation in sfsql, by default, the client looks for the file in the directory path from which the client was started. To use files located in a different directory path, provide the fully-qualified path, e.g. /<path>/<to>/<file> (in a Linux or macOS environment).

Escaping Control Characters

sfsql pre-processes user input for control characters. As a result, to insert a single backslash character into a SQL string literal in the client, the backslash character needs to be double-escaped (i.e. \ must be written as \\\\).

Formatting Output

HenPlus forces output to display in delimited table/column format. This may result in trailing blank spaces added to field values and a column delimiter (e.g. | or ,) added to the end of each row in query results. If you don’t want these additional characters in your results, you will need to remove them manually.