2023_03 Bundle (Generally Enabled)

Bundle History

  1. Introduced in the 7.13 release (Apr 20-24) with status Disabled by Default; account admins can enable for testing.

  2. Status changed in the 7.19 release (June 7-8) to Enabled by Default; however, account admins can disable for opt-out.

  3. Status changed in the 7.23 release (July 10-11) to Generally Enabled; account admins can no longer enable or disable the bundle.

List of Changes


This change list has been compiled using reasonable efforts. We are not always able to determine the full customer impact of a behavior change beforehand. The change list may not include all changes in a release, for example, last minute or emergency changes. In addition, behavior changes that are determined to have minimal to no user impact may not be pre-announced.

If you have any questions about the changes in this bundle, please contact Snowflake Support.

SQL Changes — General

Additional Notes

Cloned Tables: Default Value for Columns Not Allowed

Search Optimization: Removing Search Optimization from a Table Requires the ADD SEARCH OPTIMIZATION Privilege

Temporary Tables: Changes to Table Creation in Schemas

SQL Changes — Commands & Functions

Additional Notes

RESULT_SCAN Table Function: Changes to Duplicate Column Names

SHOW DATABASES Command: New Column in Output

SHOW ORGANIZATION ACCOUNTS Command: New Columns in Output

SHOW TERSE DATABASES Command: Values Populated in the KIND Column

SQL Changes — Usage Views & Information Schema Views / Table Functions

Additional Notes

COPY_HISTORY View (Account Usage): “Load in progress” No Longer Shown in STATUS Column

Account Usage: Changes to Columns in DATABASES View

Account Usage: New Column in DATABASES View

Information Schema: New Column in DATABASES View

GRANT_TO_ROLES View (Account Usage): Privileges Added to View

PIPES View (Account Usage): New Column in View (Pending)

This change has been removed.

SESSIONS and LOGIN_HISTORY Views (Account Usage): Events from Internal Users Removed from Views

SESSIONS View (Account Usage): New Column in View

TASK_HISTORY Table Function (Information Schema): Consistent Values for Failed and Auto-suspended Tasks in ERROR_ONLY Output

Data Loading / Unloading Changes

Additional Notes

Parquet Files: Statistics Included for Decimal Columns Unloaded as FixedLengthByteArrays

Replication Changes

Additional Notes

Roles and Privileges: Changes to Secondary Roles and the REPLICATE Privilege

Stream and Task Replication: Changes for GA

Developer / Extensibility Changes

Additional Notes

Stored Procedures and UDTFs: Argument Names Respected in Calls

Stored Procedures: Calls to BUILD_SCOPED_FILE_URL Function Allowed Within Owner’s Rights Procedures

UDFs: Functions with Handler Code That Reads Files from a Stage Execute in the Owner’s Context

Web Interface Changes

Additional Notes

Query Profile: Changes to the Update, Delete, and Insert Operators

Snowsight: Roles Removed from Worksheet Folders