Understanding cost for Budgets

To support the Budgets feature, Snowflake stores metadata in the SNOWFLAKE database. This metadata is stored in your account even if the account budget is not activated. Storage for this metadata is billed to your account.

When the Budgets feature is enabled, Snowflake runs serverless background tasks (_MEASUREMENT_TASK and _BACKFILL_TASK) that collect credit usage data for the account budget and custom budgets in your account. These tasks are billed to your account.

Data collected by Budgets background tasks is stored in the SNOWFLAKE database for the account budget. Storage for the data is billed to your account.

Exploring costs

You can view costs for serverless tasks using Snowsight or the Account Usage SERVERLESS_TASK_HISTORY View. For more information, see the following topics:

The following example sums the credit usage for the measure task for the previous 28 days:

SELECT SUM(credits_used)
  FROM snowflake.account_usage.serverless_task_history
    AND start_time >= DATEADD('day', -28, current_timestamp());

You can view costs for storage using Snowsight or by querying Account Usage and Organization Usage views. For more information about viewing storage costs, see Exploring storage cost.