March 04-05, 2024 — 8.9 Release Notes


The release has completed.

For differences between the in-advance and final versions of these release notes, see Release Notes Change Log.

Non-bundled Behavior Changes

The following changes are not part of a bundle, and therefore cannot be enabled for testing:

Data Governance Updates

Custom Classification — Preview

With this release, Snowflake is pleased to announce Custom Classification in preview. Snowflake provides the CUSTOM_CLASSIFIER class in the SNOWFLAKE.DATA_PRIVACY schema to enable data engineers to extend Snowflake’s data classification capabilities based on their own knowledge of the data. You can define your own semantic category, specify the privacy category, and specify regular expressions to match column value patterns while optionally matching the column name.

For more information, see Custom Data Classification.

Data lake updates

Primary key information added to Iceberg table metadata

With this release, we are pleased to announce that Snowflake now writes information for primary key columns to Iceberg table metadata using the Apache Iceberg identifier-field-ids property.

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New SQL functions

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Primary key information added to Iceberg table metadata

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