February 19-21, 2024 — 8.7 Release Notes (with behavior changes)


The release has completed.

For differences between the in-advance and final versions of these release notes, see Release Notes Change Log.

Behavior Change Bundles

This release contains the following behavior change bundles:

Bundle Name

Status in this Release

Previous Status


Disabled by default; admins can enable for testing

N/A (introduced in this release)


Enabled by default; admins can disable for opt-out

Disabled by default


Generally enabled; admins can no longer enable/disable

Enabled by default

The status for each bundle will change in the next behavior change release, planned for March 2024; however, this schedule is subject to change.

For more information about bundle statuses and how they may impact your accounts, see About Behavior Changes.

SQL Updates

SQL Functions Add Support for the upper, lower, and trim Collation Specifiers

Collation allows you to specify alternative rules for comparing strings, which can be used to compare and sort data according to a particular language or other user-specified rules. Snowflake supports different collation specifiers.

The upper specifier converts strings to uppercase before performing comparisons. The lower specifier converts strings to lowercase before performing comparisons. The trim specifier removes leading and trailing spaces before performing comparisons. The 2024_02 behavior change bundle includes changes that add support for the upper, lower, and trim specifiers to the following functions:

Combinations with upper, lower, and trim are also supported (for example, upper-trim and lower-trim), except for locale combinations (for example, en-upper).


In order to use these functions with the upper, lower, and trim specifiers, you must enable the 2024_02 bundle in your account.

To enable this bundle in your account, execute the following statement:


Data Lake Updates

GET_DDL for external tables supports fully-qualified location names

With this release, we are pleased to announce that the GET_DDL function for an external table now returns the fully-qualified name of the LOCATION value when you specify TRUE for the use_fully_qualified_names_for_recreated_objects argument.

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ASOF JOIN — Preview

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