January 08-10, 2024 — 8.1 Release Notes


The release has completed.

For differences between the in-advance and final versions of these release notes, see Release Notes Change Log.

New Features

EXECUTE IMMEDIATE FROM File — General Availability

With this release, we are pleased to announce the general availability of the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE FROM command. This command executes the SQL statements in a file on a stage. The file must contain syntactically valid SQL statements.

This feature provides a mechanism to control the deployment and management of your Snowflake objects and code. You can use the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE FROM command to execute scripts in any session.

For more information, see EXECUTE IMMEDIATE FROM.

SQL Updates

CREATE <object> … CLONE command: New parameter

With Time Travel, you can create a clone of a database, schema, or table at a specified point in the object’s history. However, if a database or schema contains any child objects that have a shorter data retention period than the parent object being cloned, the cloning operation fails if the child object’s historical data has been purged from Time Travel. The IGNORE TABLES WITH INSUFFICIENT DATA RETENTION parameter of the CREATE <object> … CLONE command enables cloning a database or schema by ignoring those child tables that no longer have historical data available in Time Travel.

For more information, see Child Objects and Data Retention Time.

New SQL functions

The following function(s) are now available with this release:

Function Category

New Function


System Functions (Information)


Returns version information for Snowflake clients and drivers.

Extensibility Updates

Support for Python 3.11 in Snowpark, UDFs, UDTFs and stored procedures — General Availability

With this release, we are pleased to announce the general availability of support for Python 3.11 in Snowpark Python, Python UDFs, Python UDTFs and Python stored procedures.

For more information, see

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Release notes

Initial publication (preview)


System function: New SYSTEM$CLIENT_VERSION_INFO function

Added to New SQL Functions