Requesting a new Data Exchange

To request a new Data Exchange for your Snowflake account, contact Snowflake Support and provide the following information:

  • Description: Description of the business case to use the Snowflake Data Exchange.

  • Name for the New Data Exchange: Unique identifier for use in SQL. The Data Exchange name cannot include spaces, or special characters, but may include the underscore (_) character. See also Identifier requirements.

  • Data Exchange Display Name: Name displayed in the web user interface and Snowsight to Data Exchange members.

  • Account URL: URL of the account used when the Data Exchange was created.

  • Organization ID: Snowflake organization ID.


Enabling a Data Exchange for your account may take up to 2 business days. When you request a Data Exchange to be enabled, please be sure to provide Snowflake account URL. Providing incorrect or incomplete information may delay the process.