Configuring and Using a Data Exchange

This topic provides instructions for performing all the administrative and user tasks associated with using your Data Exchange.


When logging in to a data exchange for administrative purposes (e.g. joining the exchange, configuring the exchange, configuring data listings), the member must have the ACCOUNTADMIN role.

Data Exchange Admin

After logging in to your Data Exchange as an Exchange Admin, you can configure your Data Exchange.

Setting up Your Data Exchange


Currently, the creation of the Data Exchange is performed by Snowflake. If you would like to create a Data Exchange, please contact your Snowflake representative or Snowflake Support.

Setting up your Data Exchange involves:

  1. Entering the name for your Data Exchange

  2. Entering a description for your Data Exchange

Inviting Members and Assigning Roles

Once the Data Exchange has been set up, you can start inviting members and designating them as data providers, data consumers, or both. You invite members using their Snowflake account name or account URL.

To invite a new member and assign a role:

  1. In the left menu, click Snowsight.

  2. Click the Members tab.

  3. Click the Add Member button.

  4. Enter a valid account URL for the new member.

  5. Select the role(s) you wish to assign to the member.

Data Providers

These topics provide instructions for becoming a data provider in the Data Exchange and managing data listings.

Data Consumers

How do I Access the Data Exchange to Browse Listings?

All users can browse listings in the Data Exchange, but only users with the ACCOUNTADMIN role or the IMPORT SHARE privilege can get or request data.

If you do not have sufficient privileges, you can do one of the following:

  • Request your ACCOUNTADMIN to grant you the Import Share privilege.

  • Request your ACCOUNTADMIN to get data, and grant you IMPORTED PRIVILEGES on the database created from the share. For more information, see Granting Privileges on a Shared Database.

To access the Data Exchange as a data consumer:

  1. Log in to Classic Console.

  2. Click Snowsight in the top menu. The Data Exchange opens in a new tab. You can sign in using your Snowflake credentials.

Browsing Data Listings

After you log in to a Data Exchange, click the Listings tab to view available listings.

There are two types of listings:

  • If it is a free listing, click the Get button to create a database out of the shared data inside of your Snowflake account.

  • If it is a personalized listing, click the Request button to request access to the data. An email notification is sent to the data provider with your request.

Viewing Listing Requests and Accessing the Shared Data

You can view all your requests in the Requests tab.

If the request is approved:

  1. Log in to the data exchange.

  2. Click the Get Data icon next to the listing.

  3. Enter the name for the database that will be created in your account from the share.

  4. Select roles that will have access to the database created from the share.

  5. Accept Snowflake’s consumer terms and the provider’s terms of use. You only need to accept the listing terms when you create a database from a share for the first time.


    To accept the listing terms, consumers must visit the new Snowflake user interface and click the Get button for a listing. Accepting terms using SQL is currently not supported.

  6. Click the Create Database icon.

Once you have created the database from share, the Get Data button is replaced with the View Database button.

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