Getting Started with Organizations

This topic introduces the tasks required to enable and assign the ORGADMIN role to organization administrators.

In this Topic:

Enabling the ORGADMIN Role for an Account

The ORGADMIN role is enabled by Snowflake for customer-specified accounts in your organization. To enable the ORGADMIN role for an additional account, contact Snowflake Support.

Once enabled in an account, the ORGADMIN role can be granted to any user or role in the account by an ACCOUNTADMIN.

Since the ORGADMIN role exists at the account level, if created in a given account, any user with the ACCOUNTADMIN role for that account can assume the ORGADMIN role.

For more information about system roles and best practices for managing access control, see Access Control Considerations.

Assigning the ORGADMIN Role to a User or Role

A user with an ACCOUNTADMIN role can grant the ORGADMIN role to a user or another role using the GRANT ROLE command.


-- Assume the ACCOUNTADMIN role
use role accountadmin;

-- Grant the ORGADMIN role to a user
grant role orgadmin to user <user_name>;

-- Grant ORGADMIN to a role
grant role orgadmin to role <role_name>;