Downloading Snowflake Clients, Connectors, Drivers, and Libraries

To download the installation package for a Snowflake client, connector, driver, or library, use the download pages in the Snowflake Developer Center.

If you want to write a script to download clients over HTTP (e.g. using curl), you can download SnowSQL, the ODBC Driver, the Snowpark Library, and SnowCD directly from the Snowflake Client Repository.

In this Topic:

Snowflake Developer Center Download Pages

To download a Snowflake client, use the following download pages in the Snowflake Developer Center:

Client / Connector / Driver / Library

Download Page

SnowSQL (CLI Client)

SnowSQL Download

ODBC Driver

ODBC Download

Snowpark API

Snowpark Client Download

Other connectors and drivers

Drivers and Libraries

Snowflake Client Repository

To download SnowSQL, the ODBC Driver, the Snowpark Library, or SnowCD over HTTP programmatically (e.g. using curl), use the Snowflake Client Repository. The Snowflake Client Repository serves the packages for these clients through CDN (Content Delivery Network) using the following endpoints:

If the endpoint is not specified explicitly, the client upgrader (e.g., the SnowSQL auto-upgrader) uses the AWS endpoint. For instructions on specifying the endpoint, see the installation documentation for the client.


Users can download Snowflake clients from either endpoint regardless of which cloud provider hosts their Snowflake account.

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