Managing Your Organization

The Organization area in the new web interface allows users to take the following actions at the organization level:




View the list of accounts in your organization.

Notification Contacts

Specify the email addresses to receive notifications from Snowflake.


Only organization administrators (i.e. users with the ORGADMIN role) can access and use this area of the web interface.

In this Topic:



Organization » Accounts

View the list of accounts in your organization. You can filter the list by account name, Snowflake edition, cloud platform, and region.

Notification Contacts


Organization » Notification Contacts

Organization administrators can specify one or more email addresses to receive security, privacy, and product notifications. These communications are operational in nature.

For each of these notifications, we suggest specifying a distribution list or alias that your organization maintains in your own email and directory service solutions.

Note that after an email address is provided in a notification category, it can be edited but not removed.