Classic Web Interface

The classic web interface has been replaced with the new Snowsight, the Snowflake web interface. The classic web interface is fully still supported but will be sunsetted in the future.

If you’re currently using the classic web interface, duriung October 2022 you’ll be defaulted into the new Snowsight, the Snowflake web interface experience. You’ll automatically open the Snowsight UI after logging in or navigating to your regular Snowflake Classic console URL, and see the following New Default Experience dialog:

Snowsight user interface first login welcome splash screen.

If you have worksheets in the Classic UI that you’d like to continue using, in with Worksheets page, select three dots » Import Worksheets. Once the import completes, all your worksheets will appear in Snowsight in a new timestamped folder. From there, you can organize and arrange your worksheets into new folders, rename them, and set up your workspace for maximum productivity.

You can use the classic web interface to perform tasks that would normally performed using SQL and the command line, including:

  • Creating and managing users and other account-level objects (if you have the necessary administrator roles).

  • Creating and using virtual warehouses.

  • Creating and modifying databases and all database objects (schemas, tables, views, etc.).

  • Loading data into tables.

  • Submitting and monitoring queries.

  • Changing your password and setting user preferences.

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