Using the Classic Console: General Usage Notes

This topic provides general usage information for the Classic Console.

Browser Requirements

You can use any of the following browsers to access the Snowflake Classic Console:

Supported Browser

Minimum Version












Snowsight supports a different set of browsers and minimum versions. For details, see Getting started with Snowsight.


Snowflake recommends using Google Chrome. Other browsers have not been tested as extensively as Chrome and may exhibit some unexpected behavior. If you encounter issues using the web interface with any of the listed browsers, please contact Snowflake Support.

Account Administration

If the SECURITYADMIN or ACCOUNTADMIN role has been granted to you and the role is in use for your interface session, you can access the Account Account tab tab, where you can perform administration tasks, such as creating and managing users and security roles:


The Account Account tab tab is displayed in the navigation bar only if the SECURITYADMIN or ACCOUNTADMIN role (or a role that has been granted the MONITOR USAGE global privilege) is in use for the session. For more details, see Changing Your Password / Switching Your (Session) Role / Logging Out.

Accessing Documentation, Support, Downloads, and Context-sensitive Help

To access any of these resources at any time, click the Help Help tab icon in the upper right. From the dropdown menu, choose one of the following actions:

  • View the Snowflake Documentation

    Opens the documentation in a new tab/window.

  • Visit the Community

    Opens the Snowflake Support Portal/Community in a new tab/window. Once there, you can freely browse the articles and discussions in the site, but to submit cases or participate in discussions, you must log into the portal using your Snowflake Community user credentials. These credentials are distinct/separate from your Snowflake user credentials.

  • Download…

    Displays a dialog where you can:

    • Download the following client software provided by Snowflake:

      • Command line client (SnowSQL)

      • ODBC driver (for your platform)

    • View the distribution info for the following client software provided by Snowflake:

      • Connector for Spark v2.0 and higher — Connector for Spark v1.5 and v1.6 has been deprecated

      • JDBC driver

      • Connector for Python (and related components)

      • Node.js driver

  • Show help panel

    Displays context-sensitive help for the current page, including:

    • A description of the page.

    • Tasks you can perform on the page or step-by-step instructions for performing a particular task.

    • Helpful documentation links.

    • A breadcrumb trail that takes you back to the Getting Started dialog.