Developing Applications with Snowflake

These topics provide information about using Snowflake APIs to connect to and extend Snowflake.

  • Introduction to Developing Applications in Snowflake — Introduction to developing applications in Snowflake.

  • Overview of Connectors, Drivers, and Client APIs — Information about the connectors, drivers, and client APIs that you use to develop client applications that connect to Snowflake.

  • UDFs (User-Defined Functions) — Information about user-defined functions (UDFs), which you can use to extend the system to perform operations that are not available through the built-in, system-defined functions provided by Snowflake.

  • Snowpark — Information about Snowpark, which you can use to build applications that process data in Snowflake. The Snowpark API provides programming language constructs for building SQL statements and creating UDFs.

  • External Functions — Information about external functions, which you can use to access custom code that runs outside of Snowflake (e.g. API services that provide geocoding and machine learning models).

  • Stored Procedures — Information about stored procedures, which you can use to extend Snowflake SQL to include programming constructs such as branching and looping.

  • Protecting Sensitive Information with Secure UDFs and Stored Procedures — Information about limiting the visibility of UDF definitions, procedure definitions, and sensitive data exposed by a UDF.

  • Pushdown Optimization and Data Visibility — Information about the pushdown query optimization, including how it can expose data.

  • Snowflake Scripting — Information about the Snowflake Scripting language, which you can use to write procedural code in SQL.

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