Application and Extension Development

You can write applications that extend Snowflake, act as a client, or act as an integrating component.

Snowpark API

Build applications that process data in Snowflake without moving data to the system where your application code runs.

Functions and Procedures

Extend the Snowflake system to perform operations that are not available through built-in system-defined functions.

Using Snowflake with Kafka and Spark

Integrate Snowflake with other systems for messaging (with Apache Kafka) and big data workloads (with Apache Spark).


Access Snowflake from an application using the language in which the application is written.

Snowflake Scripting Developer Guide

Learn to use this Snowflake SQL extension that adds support for procedural logic.


Use a RESTful API to submit SQL statements, create tables, provision users, and more.

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