Time Travel: Data Retention Disabled for a Database Created from a Share


This behavior change is in the 2023_02 bundle.

For the current status of the bundle, refer to Bundle History.

When a data consumer creates a local database from a provider share, that database inherits the default Time Travel retention period (i.e. the DATA_RETENTION_TIME_IN_DAYS parameter setting). If the database is dropped, its historical data is saved for the specified data retention period. However, once a database created from a share is dropped, it cannot be recovered from Time Travel (e.g. undropped) regardless of the data retention period setting.

This behavior has changed as follows:


When a database created from a share was dropped, its historical data was saved for the retention period specified by the inherited value of the DATA_RETENTION_TIME_IN_DAYS parameter. However Time Travel could not be used to recover the database (e.g. the database could not be undopped) regardless of the data retention period.


When a database is created from a share, the DATA_RETENTION_TIME_IN_DAYS parameter value is 0.

Ref: 945