SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST function: Fail query when socket connection hangs (Pending)


This behavior change is in the 2023_08 bundle.

For the current status of the bundle, refer to Bundle History.

The behavior of the SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST function is as follows:

Before the change

Occasionally, the socket connection between the client that calls the function and Snowflake results in a state that Snowflake cannot resolve. In these cases, Snowflake returns the function results and includes an empty list for the OCSP values.

After the change

When Snowflake cannot resolve the socket connection, the query that calls either allowlist function fails with one of the following error messages:

  • SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST: Fail to get SSL context

  • SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST: SSLContext init failed

  • SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST: Could not find host in OCSP dumping

  • SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST: Peer unverified

  • SYSTEM$ALLOWLIST: Connection failure

If your network connection is transient, wait a few minutes and rerun the query. If the issue persists, contact Snowflake Support.

Ref: 1357