QUERY_HISTORY view and table functions: New MULTI_STATEMENT value in the query_type column for multi-statement queries


This behavior change is in the 2023_08 bundle.

For the current status of the bundle, refer to Bundle History.

When a query is executed through any interface, you can view details about the executed query in the output of the QUERY_HISTORY table function and in the QUERY_HISTORY view (in the ACCOUNT_USAGE schema). This change addresses an error regarding the type displayed in the query_type column when drivers submit multi-statement queries.

The behavior of this change is as follows:

Before the change:

When a driver submitted queries that contained multiple SQL statements, the query_type column in the QUERY_HISTORY view and QUERY_HISTORY table function output incorrectly displayed SELECT as the query type.

After the change:

The query_type column correctly displays the query type as MULTI_STATEMENT when a driver submits a multi-statement query.

Ref: 1214