Dynamic tables: disallow using SQL UDFs and UDTFs in new dynamic tables


This behavior change is in the 2024_01 bundle.

For the current status of the bundle, refer to Bundle History.

SQL user-defined functions (UDF) and user-defined tabular functions (UDTF) in dynamic tables can cause unexpected behavior, resulting in confusing errors or unexpected behavior.

Before the change:

You can use SQL UDFs and/or UDTFs in new and existing dynamic tables.

After the change:

You cannot use SQL UDFs or UDTFs in new dynamic tables.

Existing dynamic tables that use SQL UDFs and/or UDTFs are not affected by this behavior change, but they may be subject to unexpected behavior.

UDFs and UDTFs written in other supported programming languages are not affected by this behavior change.

Ref: 1489