Cloning: Table history not preserved on clone (Postponed)


This behavior change was originally in the 2023_07 bundle and intended to become enabled by default in the 2023_08 bundle. However, it has been postponed and a new release date has not been determined. This change is not available for testing.

Cloning a table also clones the load history associated with the table.

Before the change:

The load history is not cloned when a table is cloned. Files previously loaded into the source table could be reloaded into the cloned table.

After the change:

The load history is also cloned when a table is cloned. As a result, files are not reloaded and data are not duplicated in the cloned table. Note that truncating the table and using the FORCE = TRUE COPY option override the load history in the cloned table.

It’s recommended to check any existing workloads that require table cloning. If the load history information is not required and you want to bypass this behavior, use the FORCE = TRUE COPY option.

Ref: 908