Admin and membership

Data Exchange admin

The Snowflake account that hosts the Data Exchange is the Data Exchange Admin. The Data Exchange Admin is responsible for configuring the Data Exchange and managing members (data providers and data consumers).

A user with the ACCOUNTADMIN role in the account designated as the Data Exchange Admin can:

  • Set up the Data Exchange (At this time, this task is performed by Snowflake)

  • Manage (add or remove) members

  • Designate members as providers, or consumers, or both

  • Define Data Exchange rules (coming soon).

Data Exchange Admin can delegate these privileges to other roles. For more information, see Granting administrator privileges in a Data Exchange.

Data Exchange membership

Members are Snowflake accounts that are added by the Data Exchange Admin and designated as providers, consumers, or both.

After joining the Data Exchange:

Providers can:

  • Create a listing.

  • Define listing access (personalized vs. free).

  • Publish the listing (at this time, listings can be published without an approval from the Data Exchange Admin).

  • Grant access to personalized listings or datasets that reside in a different region from the consumer.

Consumers can:

  • Discover by browsing the exchange listings.

  • Switch between the Snowflake Marketplace and the Data Exchange.

  • Consume datasets (instantly or by request).