Snowflake Guides

Instructions on performing various Snowflake operations.

Connect to Snowflake

Learn about connecting to Snowflake, including SnowSQL and the Snowsight web interface.

Snowflake Warehouses

A virtual warehouse, often referred to simply as a “warehouse”, is a cluster of compute resources in Snowflake. Virtual warehouses are required when performing select or other operations requiring compute resources.

Databases, Tables and Views

Learn about creating and maintaining Schema, Databases, Tables and more.

Data Types

Learn about Snowflake supported data types.

Load Data into Snowflake

Learn about loading data into Snowflake.

Unload Data from Snowflake

Learn about unloading data from Snowflake.

Query Data in Snowflake

Learn how to interact with Snowflake using SQL and Queries.

ML-Powered Functions

Learn how to use analysis tools that give you automated predictions and insights into your data.

Learn How to Share Data

Learn how to share data with other Snowflake accounts.

Alerts and Notifications

Learn how to set up alerts and notifications in Snowflake.

Secure Snowflake

Learn how to secure users, accounts and data in Snowflake.

Data Governance in Snowflake

Learn how to govern users, accounts and data in Snowflake.

Manage Organizations & Accounts

Manage Snowflake accounts, organizations, and warehouses.

Configure and Manage Replication and Failover

Configure and manage replication and failover across regions and cloud platforms.

Managing Cost in Snowflake

Learn how to get the most from your Snowflake spend and minimize your costs.