2023_04 Bundle (Generally Enabled)

Bundle History

  1. Introduced in the 7.19 release (June 7-8) with status Disabled by Default; account admins can enable for testing.

  2. Status changed in 7.23 release (July 10-11) to Enabled by Default; account admins can disable for opt-out.

  3. Status changed in 7.29 release (August 22-23) to Generally Enabled; account admins can no longer enable or disable the bundle.

List of Changes


This change list has been compiled using reasonable efforts. We are not always able to determine the full customer impact of a behavior change beforehand. The change list may not include all changes in a release, for example, last minute or emergency changes. In addition, behavior changes that are determined to have minimal to no user impact may not be pre-announced.

If you have any questions about the changes in this bundle, please contact Snowflake Support.

Security Changes

Additional Notes

IS_GRANTED_TO_INVOKER_ROLE Function: Change to the Output

Private Connectivity Functions: OCSP Connection URLs Added to Output (Pending)

Roles: Changes to How Regrants Are Recorded in the GRANTS_TO_USERS View

SQL Changes — General

Additional Notes

Automatic Clustering: SYSTEM$CLUSTERING_INFORMATION Syntax and Output Changes

Materialized Views: MINUS, EXCEPT, and INTERSECT No Longer Allowed

SQL Changes — Commands & Functions

Additional Notes

SHOW Commands: New OWNER_ROLE_TYPE Column in Output


Table Functions (Except SQL UDTFs): Restrictions With Lateral Table Functions and Outer Lateral Joins

SQL Changes — Usage Views & Information Schema Views / Table Functions

Additional Notes

Account Usage Views: New INSTANCE_ID Column in Select Views

Account Usage Views: New OPTIONS Column in Select Views

Data Sharing Usage Views: New CONSUMER_NAME Column in Select Views

Metering Views (Account Usage): Additional Replication and Snowpipe Streaming Credit Usage Information Included in Views

Observability Views (Account Usage and Information Schema): New Columns in Views

DATABASE_STORAGE_USAGE_HISTORY View (Organization Usage): New Columns in View

LISTING_TELEMETRY_DAILY View (Data Sharing Usage): New Value for EVENT_TYPE Column

PACKAGES View (Information Schema): New RUNTIME_VERSION Column in View

TABLES and SCHEMATA Views (Account Usage): Changes to RETENTION_TIME Column

VIEWS View (Information Schema): New Columns in View

Data Pipeline Changes

Additional Notes

Tasks: New Column in Views and SQL Command Output

Data Loading / Unloading Changes

Additional Notes

SNOWPIPE Commands: New INVALID_REASON Column in Output

Snowpipe Streaming Invalidates Older Versions of Snowflake Ingest SDK and the Kafka Connector

Data Sharing Changes

Additional Notes

Privileges: WITH GRANT OPTION No Longer Allowed When Granting Privileges to Shares

Data Governance Changes

Additional Notes

Object Tagging: Tag Assignment Not Allowed When Creating Secondary Databases

Replication Changes

Additional Notes

Alerts: Support for Account and Database Replication

Users and Groups: Changes to Initial Replication

Developer / Extensibility Changes

Additional Notes

UDFs: Input to JavaScript UDTFs Grouped Into a Single Partition

Web Interface Changes

Additional Notes

Snowsight: Default Interface for All Users of Snowflake On Demand™

Snowsight: Default Interface for New Users