Accessing a Data Exchange

When logging in to the Data Exchange for administrative purposes (e.g. joining the exchange, configuring the exchange, configuring data listings), the member must have the ACCOUNTADMIN role.

When logging in to the Data Exchange as a consumer:

  • All roles can browse data listings.

  • All roles with the ACCOUNTADMIN role can request and get data.

  • All roles with the IMPORT SHARE and CREATE DATABASE privileges can get and request data.


If you are using private connectivity to the Snowflake service and wish to access the Snowflake Marketplace through the new Snowflake web interface, you must first create a CNAME record, as described in the Snowflake documentation:

Logging in to your Data Exchange as an exchange admin

To access your Data Exchange, sign in to Snowsight.

After your Data Exchange is provisioned by Snowflake, you can administer your exchange using Snowsight. See Configuring and using a Data Exchange.

To add or remove provider profiles, use the Provider Profiles tab of the Manage Exchanges page. See Becoming a data provider in a Data Exchange.

Logging in to a Data Exchange as a member


To access a data exchange, your account must be added to the exchange by the Data Exchange Admin.

After you become a member of a data exchange:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight.

  2. Navigate to Data Products » Private Sharing.

  3. Select the Shared with You tab.

See Configuring and using a Data Exchange. If you are a data provider, you can also manage data in the exchange.