March 05, 2024 — Snowflake Cortex LLM Functions Release Notes –— Preview

With this release, we are pleased to announce the preview of Snowflake Cortex LLM functions, which provide instant access to a suite of features powered by state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs). These models are fully hosted and managed by Snowflake, so they require no setup and operate within the Snowflake governance and security framework.

The available functions include:

  • COMPLETE: Given a prompt, returns a response that completes the prompt. This function accepts either a single prompt or a conversation with multiple prompts and responses.

  • EXTRACT_ANSWER: Given a question and unstructured data, returns the answer to the question if it can be found in the data.

  • SENTIMENT: Returns a sentiment score, from -1 to 1, representing the detected positive or negative sentiment of the given text.

  • SUMMARIZE: Summarizes the given text.

  • TRANSLATE: Translates the given text from any supported language to any other.

For more information, see Snowflake Cortex Large Language Model (LLM) Functions.