March 28, 2024 — Snowflake Data Clean Rooms Release Notes

With this release, we are pleased to announce that Snowflake Data Clean Rooms are generally available in the following regions:

Cloud Region

Cloud Region ID

Amazon Web Services US East (N. Virginia)


Amazon Web Services US West (Oregon)


Microsoft Azure West US 2 (Washington)


Snowflake Data Clean Rooms allow multiple parties to collaborate together in a secure environment. These collaborators can combine and analyze data without worrying about the privacy concerns that go with sharing raw data.

In a Snowflake Data Clean Room, collaborators are able to return aggregated results and insights from a dataset, but cannot access the data directly. The collaborator who is sharing their data defines what analyses are available to the other collaborators, allowing them to tightly control how their data is used.

Snowflake Data Clean Rooms are designed for both business and technical users. The web app provides a user interface that allows non-technical users to work with clean rooms, including running analyses without writing SQL queries. The developer edition provides APIs so technical users can programmatically create and use clean rooms.

Snowflake customers can use a Snowflake Data Clean Room to collaborate with other Snowflake customers or with parties who do not have a Snowflake account. Parties without a Snowflake account simply accept an invitation to use a clean room managed account to begin collaborating in the clean room.

For more information, see Introduction to Snowflake Data Clean Rooms.