SQL Development & Management

Snowflake provides the following native SQL development and data querying interfaces:



Snowflake clients and interfaces

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  • Browser-based SQL editor integrated directly into the Snowflake web interface.

  • No installation or configuration required.

  • Supports multiple, independent working environments that can be opened/closed, named, and reused across multiple sessions (all work is automatically saved).

Snowflake clients and interfaces


  • Python-based client for performing all tasks in Snowflake, including querying, executing DDL/DML commands, and bulk loading/unloading of data.

  • Download from the Snowflake web interface and install using provided installer.

In addition, Snowflake works with a variety of 3rd-party SQL tools for managing the modeling, development, and deployment of SQL code in your Snowflake applications, including, but not limited to:


Version / Installation Requirements

Aginity Pro / Aginity Team

  • Aginity: Pro or Team

  • Snowflake: No requirements


Available in Partner Connect

  • DataOps.live: No requirements

  • Snowflake: No requirements

DBeaver SQL client

  • DBeaver: 4.3.4 (or higher)

  • Snowflake: JDBC Driver — automatically downloaded and installed by DBeaver


  • erwin: Data Modeler 2020 (or higher)

  • Snowflake: No requirements


  • SeekWell: No requirements

  • Snowflake: No requirements

Solita Agine Data Engine

  • Solita Agile Data Engine: No requirements

  • Snowflake: No requirements


Available in Partner Connect

  • SqlDBM: No requirements

  • Snowflake: No requirements

SQL Workbench/J client


This is not a complete list of SQL management tools that work with Snowflake; these are known tools that have been validated for use with Snowflake. Other tools can be used with Snowflake; however, we do not guarantee that all features/functionality in these 3rd-party tools will inter-operate with Snowflake.