Exploring the Snowsight navigation menu

Snowsight has a new navigation menu. Use this guide to familiarize yourself with the updated location of various features and workflows in Snowsight.


Some features available in private preview to select accounts have also changed locations. To familiarize yourself with the new locations, explore the navigation and review the documentation for each feature.

Overview of the new navigation

The Snowsight navigation menu contains new groups, and some pages have been separated into their own items:

New grouping

Menu items contained within


Use the shortcut menu to create SQL Worksheet, Python Worksheet, Streamlit App, Dashboard, Table, Stage, or View. You can also access the Add Data page, which includes all the different ways of loading data into Snowflake.


Worksheets, Notebooks, Streamlit, Dashboards, App Packages


Databases, and Add Data.

Data Products

Marketplace, Apps, Private Sharing, Provider Studio, and Partner Connect.


Query History, Copy History, Task History, Dynamic Tables, Trust Center, and Governance.


Warehouses, Cost Management, Users & Roles, Accounts, Security, Contacts, and Billing & Terms

User menu

Switch your active role, sign in with another account, access your Profile, Support, and links to Documentation. You can also access your account URL and account identifier.

Guide to the new navigation for Snowsight users

You can refer to this table to identify the new location of items in the navigation based on where they were located in the previous version.

Previous navigation in Snowsight

New navigation in Snowsight

Your user menu where you can switch your active role, update your Profile, get Support, or access Documentation.

Combined with the account menu where you can switch accounts.


Projects » Worksheets


Projects » Notebooks


Projects » Streamlit


Projects » Dashboards


Separated into two pages:

  • Data Products » Apps

  • Projects » App Packages

Data » Private Sharing

Data Products » Private Sharing

Data » Provider Studio

Data Products » Provider Studio

Data » Governance

Monitoring » Governance


Data Products » Marketplace


Renamed Monitoring

Link to Classic Console

Accessible from the user menu.

Guide to the new navigation for Classic Console users

To help you make the switch from Classic Console to Snowsight, whether you are exploring Snowsight or have been defaulted to Snowsight as part of the Snowsight upgrade process, refer to this table to identify the location of equivalent functionality in Snowsight:

Navigation in Classic Console

Navigation in Snowsight


Projects » Worksheets


Data » Databases


Data Products » Private Sharing


Admin » Warehouses


Monitoring » Query History

Account » Usage

Admin » Cost Management

Account » Billing

Admin » Billing & Terms

Account » Users

Admin » Users & Roles

Account » Roles

Admin » Users & Roles, and then select the Roles tab.

Account » Policies

Admin » Security, and then select the Network Policies tab.

Account » Sessions

Admin » Security, and then select the Sessions tab.

Account » Resource Monitors

Admin » Cost Management, and then select the Resource Monitors tab.

Account » Reader Accounts

Data Products » Private Sharing, and then select the Reader Accounts tab.

Organization » Accounts

Admin » Accounts

Partner Connect

Data Products » Partner Connect


The user menu has a link to Documentation. To file a support case, select Support.

To download drivers, visit the documentation for the driver. For example, see Downloading the ODBC Driver to download the ODBC driver.


Snowsight does not yet support notifications in the web interface. To manage your notification preferences in notification settings, open the user menu and select Profile.

To return to Classic Console from Snowsight, access that option in the user menu.