Search Snowflake objects and resources

With Universal Search, you can quickly and easily find objects in your account, data products available to you in the Snowflake Marketplace, relevant Snowflake Documentation topics, and relevant Snowflake Community Knowledge Base articles all from the Snowsight home page.

Universal Search understands your query and information about your database objects and can find objects with names that differ from your search terms. Even if you misspell or type only part of your search term, you can still see useful results.

When you use Universal Search, you can use natural language to describe what you’re looking for. For example, you can use keyword search terms, like “opportunities” or “sales opportunities”, or use more conversational natural language search terms, like “sales opportunities that are likely to close” or “which opportunities came from partner referrals”.

Screenshot of the Universal Search page showing results for the search query "how can i forecast next year sales call volume", showing links to documentation for time-series forecasting (ML function), the FORECAST function, anomaly detection (ML-powered function), and Using Windows Functions. The results for Tables and views includes a table called ACTIVITY_HISTORY in the CRM database and SALES schema that contains columns with "call" in the name. Two additional tables are highlighted that also have column names that mention calls, and two Data products are included in the search results: for Global Economic Forecast Data and Intelligent Event Data.

For example, if you search for “zip codes”, Universal Search returns results such as listings on the Snowflake Marketplace that mention postal code data and a table with the column name postal_code.

To make it easier to find the right data for your project, object metadata such as names, comments, and tags for objects and columns are searched. Universal Search searches only the object metadata, not the contents of your database objects.

Search for objects in Snowsight

When you search for objects in Snowsight, you only see results that your currently active role has privileges to view.

To search, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight.

  2. Enter search terms in the home page search window.

    Or if not on the home page select Search and then enter search terms.

  3. Press the return or enter key to execute the search.

    Results are displayed in categories. If a category isn’t displayed, there are no results for that category or your currently active role doesn’t have access to those results.

  4. Select a search result to view details. For a database object, you can select Open in Worksheets to query the object in a worksheet.

To get or purchase listings offered on the Snowflake Marketplace that appear in the results, you must have agreed to the Snowflake Provider and Consumer Terms. See Legal requirements for providers and consumers of listings.