Snowsight: The Snowflake Web Interface

Snowsight, the Snowflake web interface, distills Snowflake’s powerful SQL support into a unified, easy-to-use experience. Use Snowsight to perform your critical Snowflake operations, including:

  • Building and running queries.

  • Loading data into tables.

  • Monitoring query performance and copy history.

  • Creating and managing users and other account-level objects.

  • Creating and using virtual warehouses.

  • Creating and modifying databases and all database objects.

  • Sharing data with other Snowflake accounts.

  • Exploring and using the Snowflake Marketplace.

You can also use Snowsight for individual needs, such as enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), managing your user preferences, and changing your Snowflake password.

Explore the following pages to learn more about using Snowsight and the advantages it provides.

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