Sharing Worksheets and Dashboards

Snowsight enables users to send colleagues links to view or run worksheets, folders, and dashboards you own. Owners of these items can optionally allow colleagues to fork shared worksheets to pursue new directions of analysis.

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Sharing Worksheets, Folders, and Dashboards

Worksheets navigation:

Home (wksts1) » Worksheets » My Worksheets (or open a local worksheet under Recent or in Folders) » <worksheet_name>

Folders navigation:

Home (wksts1) » Worksheets » Folders » <folder_name>

Dashboards navigation:

Home (wksts1) » Dashboards » My Dashboards (or open a local dashboard under Recent) » <dashboard_name>

You can share worksheets, folders, and dashboards you own with other Snowflake users in your account. To view query resuts, these users must have the role currently set in the session context when the worksheet is shared.

To share an item:

  1. Click the Share button. The Share dialog opens.

  2. Set the permission granted to people who have the link to the worksheet, folder, or dashboard.

    By default, other users who navigate to the link cannot view the item. Either of the following permissions can be granted to users who have the link:

    View + run

    This permission allows users to execute queries to see the latest results using the session context set in the source worksheet, the worksheets in the folder, or the dashboard by the owner.

    View results

    This permission restricts users to only see the query results current at the time the worksheet, folder, or dashboard was shared. To execute queries again, the users must duplicate a worksheet or dashboard and run the local copy.

    Note that neither permission grants the ability to edit or transfer ownership of a worksheet, folder, or dashboard.

  3. Click the Done button.

  4. Copy the link in the browser address bar and share it with other users.

    Note that the link never changes, regardless of any edits you make to the item.

View Shared Worksheets, Folders, and Dashboards

Worksheets and folders navigation:

Home (wksts1) » Worksheets

Dashboards navigation:

Home (wksts1) » Dashboards

To view items currently shared with you, click the Shared with me tab.

Duplicate Shared Worksheets and Dashboards

Worksheets navigation:

Home (wksts1) » Worksheets » Shared with me » <worksheet_name>

Dashboards navigation:

Home (wksts1) » Dashboards » Shared with me » <dashboard_name>

A worksheet or dashboard shared with View results permissions can be duplicated and executed using your own role and warehouse.

  1. Open a shared worksheet or dashboard. The Run (wksts2) button is replaced with a Run as… button.

  2. Click the button. The Duplicate and run Worksheet as… dialog opens.

  3. Select the role and warehouse to use when executing queries.

    Note that the query may not execute at all, or may return unexpected results, if the role you select is different from the role identified in the dialog.

  4. Click the Duplicate and Run button. A local copy of the worksheet or dashboard is saved, and queries are executed using the role and warehouse you specified.