Managing Data

The Data area of Snowsight, the Snowflake web interface, lets you interact with your Snowflake data:

  • Explore your databases and objects, including tables, functions, views, and more.

  • Share data with other accounts and access data that is shared with you.

  • Use Provider Studio to manage your experience as a Snowflake data provider.

This section gives a brief overview of how to use the Data area. This section includes examples and descriptions of the following interface elements:



For assistive technology, the database object explorer is rendered as a collection of buttons. The buttons are labeled with database and object names.

Database object explorer

The database object explorer, located next to the left nav, lets you drill down into your database contents. Your database objects are organized by type under each schema.

To view details about a database or object, select an item in the database object explorer. Snowsight provides details about the following:

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