Snowsight - Data: Private Sharing

The Private Sharing area of Snowsight, the Snowflake web interface, lets you:

  • View and work with data that others have shared with you.

  • View data that your account has shared with others.

  • Review requests for data.

  • Manage your data exchanges.

  • Manage reader accounts.

Private Sharing pages include:

  • Shared With Me - Data products, including privately shared listing, direct shares, and marketplace listings shared with my account, default page.

  • Shared By My Account - Direct shares, and listings created by my account.

  • Requests - Inbound and outbound Data exchange requests.

  • Manage Exchanges - Data exchange listing and management.

  • Reader Accounts - Reader account management.


Depending on current account selected role, shares by/with the account, and other factors, certain sub-tabs may be hidden or empty.

To access the Private Sharing pages.

  1. Login to Snowsight, the Snowflake web interface.

  2. In the navigation menu select Data » Private Sharing.

  3. Select a specific Private Sharing tab. Note that Shared with Me is selected by default.



Snowsight sharing tabs, including Shared With Me, Shared By My Account and others.

Private Sharing pages

At the top of the Private Sharing tab, select one of the following tabs:

  • Shared With Me (default)

  • Shared By My Account

  • Requests

  • Manage Exchanges

  • Reader Accounts

Snowsight Sharing Share Data button.

Share Data

Use Share Data, located in the upper-right corner of the Private Sharing tab, to:

  • Create a secure data share that you can share with other accounts in your region.

  • Create a listing for a data exchange that you have access to.

  • Create a Snowflake Marketplace listing with Provider Studio.